ES-1120-E3 by Esperansa

Brand: Esperansa
Product Code: ES-1120-E3
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  • The mop is Ideal for all type of surfaces: floors, tiles, parquet, regular and fitted carpets
  • Made out of durable materials and is resistant to acids and corrosion
  • Absorbs dirt ten times better then any other ordinary sponge
  • Does not leave marks after cleaning
  • Helps to protect your hands from dirt and detergents

  1. Soak the sponge thoroughly for several minutes in water before each use
  2. Use the mop only when the sponge is completely soft
  3. To squeeze the sponge pull the handle upwards
  4. After usage rinse the sponge with clear water
ATTENTION: Never pull up the handle to squeeze the sponge when it is dry and stiff.

Technical Specifications
GTIN: 4895139201703
Color: Blue sponge with red handle
Length: 1.15 m