About us

     "SAPIR" is a leading brand name in the global home appliance and kitchenware scene. The brand name is owned by the Prime Eagle International LTD company, which is a privately owned family company, operating for over 20 years from Hong-Kong, with several representative offices in China. The company has developed the ability, knowledge and business contacts with a wide spectrum of producers, in the Far East and in Europe, in order to be able to produce a wide assortment of goods, and provide the global consumer with quality products at affordable prices. The company cares dearly for the quality of the products and enforces that care with the help of European engineers in different fields of expertise to ensure that the quality of the final product matches the high standard demands in Europe.

     The company employs European engineers in different fields of expertise to handle the purchasing process, and quality assurance personnel to assure that all of the products meet the European high standard demands. The brand "SAPIR" holds a variety of more than 3000 products, and is distributed in several European countries by exclusive local distributors & business partners who are obligated to the business interests of the brand. The company specializes in electrical appliances, as well as all domestic use kitchenware, cookware, dinning tools etc. "SAPIR" products can be found in International European supermarkets, retail stores & online shops.